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Year 1 - Squirrel

Welcome to Year 1 - Squirrel


Year 1 is the start of Key Stage 1. There are an enormous amount of changes that children have to adapt to from Reception class. For the Autumn first half term, there is a period of transition where teaching allows children to adapt to their new surroundings. In Year 1, children will be encouraged to become more independent learners and sustain concentration to complete set tasks.

During Year 1 children will cover a Science and Geography based topic allowing them to , compare and contrast the local area and Africa ( looking at animals, plants and places) . In History, they will look at important events and personalities in British history. RE sees them finding out about special places of worship, developing a sense of belonging and looking at a selection of religious stories.




Special Days

We had a surprise visit from a theatrical company who performed The Jungle Book. We really enjoyed watching it and joining in with the songs.




Last week, we had a visitor to our class. We were really lucky to meet George. He is an author. He told us about the book he had written called ‘Four’ and we were able to ask him questions about what it was like to write a book.