House Captains


House Captains 2019 - 2020


De Clinton House: 

Archie Davison

Elli Aston

Alberic House: 

Oscar Wedderburn-Tooze

Millie Tiffany

Bassingburn House: 

Riley Jackson

Amie-Jo Tyler-Hardcastle

Aethelflaed House: 

Barney Thompson

Anais Moore

Quote from Ofsted

"Pupils try hard to reflect the school’s core values and they ‘inspire to excel’. They are
proud to attend Arley Primary School and their behaviour reflects this."

House Captains 2016 - 2017


Oak House: 

Ruby Dalton

Luke Backhouse

Rowan House: 

Katie Dandridge

Jay Blenkinsopp-Waddy

Sycamore House: 

Jessie Bradley

Kyle Cunningham

Willow House: 

Ronnie Davidson

Emily Green