Why is regular school attendance important?


Arley Primary School works closely with children and parents in connection with attendance so that each child can achieve their full potential. By law, all children of compulsory school age (five to sixteen) must receive a suitable full-time education.

Once your child is registered at school, you are legally responsible for making sure that they attend regularly. If your child fails to do so, you risk getting a penalty notice or being prosecuted. You also need to think about the negative impact upon the following:

  • their learning

  • their friendships

  • their self-esteem and confidence.


Arley Primary monitors the attendance of every child in the school and works in partnership with our Schools Attendance Officer. Together we work and support those children and their families who are not attending school without sufficient reason.

It is very important that you contact school, on the first day of absence, to let us know that you child is ill. Our school number is 0121 540347.

90% attendance sounds good, but means that your child misses:

  • one half day each week

  • nearly four weeks every school year

  • over one school year in a school career


Our school's target for this academic year is 97%



Timekeeping is also important in the education of your child. If your child is persistently late then they are missing out on the important start of lessons.


School gates open at 8:40am and the bell rings at 9:00am. Once all of the children who are lined up are in school, the doors are closed promptly.


If you arrive after this time, please report to the main school office where your child will be given a late mark. Registration will close at 9:15am any child who arrives after this time will be marked as absent.


Timekeeping is also important in the education of your child. If your child is persistently late then they are missing out on important assemblies as well as the start of the lesson.


We work closely with our Attendance Officer to monitor each child's punctuality, parents who persistently bring their children to school late may be issued penalty notices.


Support and Advice


If you require any support or advice with attendance and punctuality, please contact the main office to arrange an appointment to see myself, Mrs Letts.

We ask parents to telephone or text us to report a pupil absence as early as possible on the day of the pupils's absence providing a description of their illness.


Children may not take family holidays during term time.


Parents of pupils's whose attendance is below target, will be asked in for a meeting to discuss ways in which to improve attendance.


Fixed Penalties for Absence and Lateness


Regular and punctual attendance of pupils at school is both a legal requirement and essential for pupils to maximise their potential. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child of compulsory school age receives efficient education that is suitable to the child’s age, ability, aptitude and to any special educational needs the child may have at school or otherwise.


An offence occurs if a parent or carer fails to secure a child’s regular attendance at a school at which they are a registered pupil and when that absence is not authorised by the school and does not meet one of the statutory defences. Penalty Notices are one of a number of legal sanctions available to deal with these offences.


Circumstances When Fixed Penalty Notices
Will Be Issued:


Penalty Notices may be considered appropriate in the following circumstances:

  • Attendance below 85% with at least 10 days lost due to unauthorised absence. These do not need to be consecutive.

  • 5 days or more unauthorised absence due to holidays in term time.

  • Pupils stopped on Police Truancy Sweeps in some circumstances, for example, if this is repeated.


Attendance Trend

School Attendance Target: 97%