Brain Builders

Visit these great websites!

Brain Builders.png
A Maze Rac

Race through a maze to beat the other dot

Brain Builders2.png

Can you catch all

the bugs?

Brain Builders3.png
Leap Froggie

Can you beat the Frogs!

Brain Builders4.png
Wolf, Sheep
and Cabbag

Can you move the Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage to the other side of the shore?

Brain Builders5.png

Can you sink all the enemy ships?

Brain Builders6.png
Connect Fou

Can you beat the computer in this classic game?

Brain Builders7.png
Brain Builders8.png
Candy Bag

Take turns with the computer to take the bags of candies.

Brain Builders9.png
Seesaw Logic

Balance the heavy Seesaw

Brain Builders10.png
Quick Maths

Pick a symbol as quick

as possible!!