Fun Links for 3-7 Years

Visit these great websites!

Fun Links 3-7 years.png

Lots of fun with your favourite BBC characters

Fun Links 3-7 years2.png
The Recycling Game

Help Barnaby Bear sort out his rubbish.

Fun Links 3-7 years3.png

Games for kids and moms. ... Reading. Reading Arcade

Fun Links 3-7 years4.png
Sandcastle Quiz

Fill the gaps with the
correct phoneme

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Fun Links 3-7 years6.png
A Year On Your Farm

Care for your animals, plant seeds and see them grow!

Fun Links 3-7 years7.png
Spot the Difference

Use the mouse to point

out 10 differences.

Fun Links 3-7 years8.png
Barnaby Bear's
Map Symbols

Match the symbols to the description

Fun Links 3-7 years9.png
SPLAT! Dynamo Quiz Challenge

Solve the quiz to avoid getting SPLAT

Fun Links 3-7 years10.png
Where in Britain

Work out where my family and friends live in Britain