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Welcome To Ladybird Class


If you've been wondering what Ladybird class are doing this spring, click on the link below... 

Welcome to Year 2


Year 2 is the end of KS1. It is an important and exciting year for the children. Children will take part in three main projects throughout the year which will focus on different areas of the curriculum such as: Geography, Science, History, Art and Technology. Other subject areas are linked to the project where appropriate. To engage children, each topic will involve the children taking part in a ‘Wow’ event. This may involve going off-site with a trip, or activities based in school. All of our Creative Curriculum projects are designed to match the needs of the Year 2 curriculum but also planned to fully engage pupils in their own learning.


In Year 2, pupils will be expected to take on more responsibility for themselves like completing jobs around the school, bringing the correct items to school and changing their reading books on a regular basis. This supports children to make the transition into KS2.


We welcome your support to work with your child to ensure they get the best out of their education by completing tasks at home too. Look out for the termly newsletter which has the details for each term’s topic


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