Year 4 - Woodpecker

Woodpecker's Diary


World Book Day 2019 – Year 4 children sharing a book with year 1 children; 

Year 4 working out equivalent

fractions; Testing properties of rocks...

Welcome to Year 4 - Woodpecker


Class Teacher: Mr Elmer


This year is an exciting year; with lots of new opportunities for children to enjoy their learning.  As staff we are aware of the diverse nature of the class with a wonderful array of personalities.  We are especially looking forward to the new challenges that this year will bring, but also the new opportunities for the class to learn together in a number of ways and styles. 


The Creative Curriculum projects for the year will involve aspects of the History, Geography, Science and Design and Technology curriculums. The projects will provide lots of opportunities for the children to learn; both within the classroom and in a variety of other environments. 


Challenge is the key word; the children will be challenged at all times to improve and reach their full potential in a learning-friendly environment. Each child’s uniqueness will be valued and support will be provided through their time in year 4 in the hope that the children can achieve good things.


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Lots of fun activities to do at home

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