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 We aim to provide a curriculum that excites and inspires our children and prodvides them with the knowledge and skills to succeed in becoming life-long learners. Our Curriculum is based on our vision 'new beginning, endless possibilities' and has a strong emphasis on the development of the Arley 8 attributes.

Arley 8 attributes








Through a nurturing environment and a focus on relational practice we aim to develop our children both socially and academically through a broad and balanced curriculum. We teach our children with visible kindness and hope to develop these key skills in our pupils so that they can show them with each other, with the community they live in, with their environment and with the wider world.



We aim to inspire our pupils to become life-long learners and to recognise that possibilities are endless. We want to stimulate curiosity and unlock imagination so that our pupils enjoy learning and have a desire to find out more.

Independence Resilience

Our curriculum encourages learners to have high aspirations and develop positive mindsets. Through experiential learning opportunities, a vocabulary-rich environment and collaborative challenges we aim to teach our pupils that effort and commitment can lead to rich rewards.